Found this at Addicted To Success.  This about sums up my purpose, and my passion.  


Below are just a few of the presentations available to choose from.  My goal is to customize a presentation that meets your needs.  Please contact me with your specific needs, then you can determine whether I meet your needs.


I will.

Let Me Be Me...

45-60 minute assembly program 


...and I'll Let You Be You.  We walk the hallways of school or down the streets of town.  We see people that look differently than us; at first glance we decide we know who they are.  We judge. Most of the time we judge unfairly.  There is probably a pretty cool person with which we missed a chance to connect.  To stop judging others, you must first stop judging yourself. What do you see when you look into a mirror.?  Chances are, if you are happy with what you see, you won't judge others.  It's okay to be YOU.   It's okay to be unique.  Next time you start to judge, remember; that person is just another kid trying to figure out life, just like you. Students will leave this assembly equipped to make good choices that will include accepting others as well as themselves. 





Who Was Your Superhero?

45-60 minute assembly program.


At one point in our lives we believed we could do anything.  We saw superheroes we wanted to be.  Is that belief still there?  We are here for a reason, what's yours?.  There are hidden talents within us all yet many of those talents go undiscovered.  WHY??  Life is about following dreams, setting goals, and realizing one's potential.   This program highlights three ways students can discover their talents and bring them to life.  Passion.  Purpose.  Participation.



Student Leadership Workshop

4-5 hour workshop for students.  75 -125 students is ideal, but can work for smaller groups.


Session 1 - Personal Confidence.  If you are going to lead it must be you that is calling the shots. Not the person to your left or right, YOU!  With confidence comes courage.  It takes courage to lead.  No more cowardly lion!


Session 2 - Connecting with the Student Body.  Not everyone walks and talks like you.  Not everyone thinks like you or is willing to take risks like you.  So how do you connect with people that are different than you?  


Session 3 - Team Development.  Discover not only how to work better as a team, but how to recruit the best team members.  Your team might be better if you involve people from outside of your circle. 


Session 4 - Staying Committed.  Many great ideas never occur because the commitment to the mission just wasn't there.  If positive change is to occur,  follow up and follow through by everyone on your team is necessary.  


Bonus Session 5 - Public Service Announcement.  Teams will create a PSA to promote their mission.  


Mailing Address:


1255 Kings Road

Morgantown, WV  26508


O  304-284-8131

C  304-435-1180


What are they saying about Kevin...

"Kevin Armstrong is a dynamic speaker whose presentation to youth about leadership and doing the right thing is unique, highly interactive (more so than other workshops I have ever known), powerful, and filled with memorable object lessons that leave an impact on the hearts and minds of those in attendance.  He could not be more passionate about rising up the next generation of teens who strive for excellence in all areas.  I highly recommend him."


Sameer Hinduja


Cyberbullying Research Center

"Kevin is extremely professional and a captivating motivational speaker.  He uses personal experiences and hands on activities.  It seems like the students are hanging on every word."


Holly Branch

Renaissance Coordinator

Musselman High School 

Inwood, WV

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