60 -90 minute session. 25 - 75 participants is best, but can accomodate any size group.


We all have different personalities, we all operate differently.  These differences can disrupt any organization if we don't find a way to understand each other.  There are team members who need information with attention to detail and there are those who could care less how they get the information, they just want to get it done.   Every organization has different personalities. Each has value, each plays a role in a top-performing organization.  How do we maximize each to create a winning team?  This session addresses the answer to that question.  This session will also stimulate plenty of laughter.


Belief = Action = Outcome

45-60 minute session


When we were kids we had superheros that inspired us to believe we could do anything. Somewhere along the way we lost touch with that belief.  Experience has a way of shaping our thoughts; good and bad.  We need to get that youthful outlook back.  At any age, realizing our potential is the key to performing our best.  Passion. Purpose. Participation.  These three words will renew optimism and enthusiasm among your employees.  I choose Superman, what about you?




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What are they saying about Kevin...

"Kevin Armstrong is a dynamic speaker whose presentation to youth about leadership and doing the right thing is unique, highly interactive (more so than other workshops I have ever known), powerful, and filled with memorable object lessons that leave an impact on the hearts and minds of those in attendance.  He could not be more passionate about rising up the next generation of teens who strive for excellence in all areas.  I highly recommend him."


Sameer Hinduja


Cyberbullying Research Center


"Kevin is extremely professional and a captivating motivational speaker.  He uses personal experiences and hands on activities.  It seems like the students are hanging on every word."


Holly Branch

Renaissance Coordinator

Musselman High School 

Inwood, WV

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